Saturday, January 9, 2010


We received our second snowfall this winter... the first of 2010, and while the snowfall totals were only 2-3 inches, it was just enough to make all that blah winter scenery look beautiful. I headed out to my back yard early in the morning before heading to work on Friday to get a few photos for my 365 project, but I liked more than one that I took, so I'm posting them here. Would love any feedback you might have, otherwise... enjoy, and stay warm this weekend! :-)

Black and white version of the last image... and my 365 image for the day


  1. I really like the first two, the last two feel like they are missing something (something to focus on). Other than that very nice, thanks for sharing.

  2. DMJZE - thanks for the comments - constructive criticism is always appreciated!

  3. Wow...these are beautiful!!! I especially love the composition of the 1st and the color of the last one...beautiful work!!!